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National Train Your Dog Month

Here at Oakland Hills Veterinary Hospital we try to celebrate something every month, and it just so happens that January is National Train Your Dog Month! This is always a busy month in the veterinary world, as so many families bring new furry members in over the holidays. It may be cold outside, but the importance of starting puppy training early cannot be stressed enough. Proper training at a young age helps to reduce problems down the road, and also reduces the number of animals surrendered to shelters for behavioral issues.

We all know the basics (sit, stay, down) but training goes much farther than that. It also shouldn’t be a chore for you and your family, make it fun! Puppy classes are a great start; they give you and your puppy the basic foundations for good behavior as well as exposure to other people, dogs, and places outside the home. In addition, it’s important to include “real life” training. Life isn’t all puppy classes after all! Expose your pup to as many places, people, and situations as you can. Make sure to bring your new fur-baby to their veterinarian’s office even if they’re not due for their next vaccines, this way they can form positive associations. We do get busy at times but you’re always welcome to stop in for your pup to have a quick sniff around and a couple cookies on us! There are more dog-friendly stores than you might initially think, as well. Places such as garden stores, home improvement stores, pet supply stores, some restaurants and coffee shops with outdoor eating areas, and of course pet stores are all great places to explore with your new dog!

Stay tuned to our Facebook page throughout the month for lots of tips and tricks! Also make sure to check out the National Train Your Dog Month website for lots of awesome resources!