4th of July Pet Safety

As we prepare for barbecues and fireworks this July, we also need to prepare our pets!  Both dogs and cats can become extremely stressed by the sound of fireworks. Signs of anxiety in dogs can include pacing, panting, trembling, yawning, and so on. Keeping your pets in a secure, quiet space during festivities is always a good idea. Be sure to update microchip information and ID tags to help locate your pet if they were to escape. If your dog suffers from extreme anxiety, we are happy to offer options to soothe your furry-friend, such as Sileo; the first FDA-approved treatment for dogs suffering from noise aversion, excessive fear, and anxiety caused by loud noises. This simple oral treatment can be prescribed by your Veterinarian and safely administered by you from the comfort of your own home! Use as needed to calm your furry friend – without sedating. Talk to your Veterinarian if you think Sileo would be beneficial for your pet!