Our Services

Anesthesia and Pain Management

Our highly skilled surgeon uses the latest advances in anesthesia and pain management to give your pet the safest, most comfortable surgical experience possible. This includes the use of multi-modal pain control.  Throughout the procedure a specially trained surgical technician will monitor your pet’s electrocardiogram (EKG), blood pressure, temperature and blood oxygen saturation. After surgery, a technician sits with your pet through the anesthetic recovery to ensure their safety and comfort.

Behavior Consultation

Fear aggression, phobias, urinary issues and other behaviors issues can be helped by consultation with our veterinarian and staff in order to help you and your pet have the best relationship possible.


Oakland Hills Veterinary Hospital offers prophylactic dental cleaning and polishing, periodontal therapy, digital dental radiography and oral surgery using multimodal pain control and state of the art dental equipment.


Our dermatology services include skin and ear cytology, skin scraping, skin biopsy.  Blood allergy testing and environmental and food allergy counseling also ensure that your pet quickly becomes more comfortable, and will help everyone sleep better at night.

Digital Radiography

Oakland Hills Veterinary Hospital offers optimal digital radiography producing excellent images in seconds.

Geriatric Medicine

For our senior cats and dogs we have a multi-modal approach to ensuring the best quality of life as they age. Oakland Hills Veterinary Hospital offers complete geriatric health screening which aids the early diagnosis of disease, leading to more successful treatment options. We also present choices to help your senior pet with arthritis, urinary issues and anxiety concerns through both traditional medication and nutraceuticals (dietary supplements).


We offer fluid therapy, injectible medical therapy, nursing care, wound care, TLC and hospice care to our critically ill patients.

In-house Laboratory

Oakland Hills Veterinary Hospital offers Heska Corporation’s chemistry analyzer and CBC machine, which promises laboratory results in minutes for critically ill animals. Urinalysis, fecal analysis, parvo virus testing, skin and ear cytology, and fine-needle aspirate cytology will all be performed at our practice by a Licensed Veterinary Technician.

In-house Pharmacy

Our full service pharmacy dispenses most necessary medications.  We offer competitive pricing, convenience and the peace of mind of knowing that your pet is receiving the proper medication from our professionally trained staff.

Internal and General Medicine

For those times when your pet is not feeling their best, our staff is expertly trained and our facility offers state of the art equipment to aid in accurate and rapid diagnosis and treatment of your pet’s ailment. We offer a full range of services including digital radiography, an in-house laboratory, blood pressure, EKG and tonometry. In addition we use the comprehensive diagnostic support of multiple national diagnostic laboratories, allowing us to receive results in 6-24 hours. We have immediate access to specialists at these laboratories should a consult be required.

Pet Selection Assistance

Our staff is available to clients and prospective clients alike to help choose that special animal companion that will fit in with your family and your lifestyle.

Preventative Medicine

Preventative Medicine including vaccinations, wellness exams, wellness laboratory analysis comprising a general chemistry screen, CBC, urinalysis, fecal exam, and heartworm testing, and comprehensive parasite protection are all key components of our complete preventative medicine program for your dog or cat.


Soft tissue surgery procedures, including ovariohysterectomy (spay), orchidectomy (neuter), tumor resection, urinary surgery, and gastrointestinal surgery, are performed in our state of the art surgical suite.


Digital abdominal ultrasonography allows visualization of the architecture of abdominal organs, and allows picturing of subtle structures which is very helpful in making diagnoses in sick patients.