Fear-Free Veterinary Care

In an effort to create a fear-free environment, we are offering a variety of new, enticing treats here at Oakland Hills! Our goal is to make your pet’s experience at our hospital not only comfortable but also enjoyable! Below Foxy demonstrates the use of a new “lick mat” covered in baby food that serves as a delicious distraction. We have pet-safe snacks to meet any dietary needs. Ask us to try out some new treats at your pet’s next visit! We have peanut butter, frozen yogurt, pretzel rods, marshmallows, baby food, and more…yum!

In addition to tasty treats, we are introducing a new initiative to create a calming environment through the use of Adaptil and Feliway. These products replicate pheromones that send comforting signals to your pet, encouraging relaxation in stressful situations.  For canines, we offer a bandanna scented with Adaptil (see Remi the puppy sporting her calming bandanna below). For felines, we offer blankets scented with Feliway to drape over your cat’s carrier or cuddle with in the exam room.

Our staff is trained to observe signs of stress and anxiety from your pet. We adjust our approach based on your pet’s behavior in order to make their procedures as easy as possible – for everyone involved.

Read more about Adaptil here: https://www.adaptil.com/us

Read more about Feliway here: https://www.feliway.com/us

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