Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is approaching once again, and we are so grateful for all of the pet-parents who entrust Oakland Hills Veterinary Hospital with their Veterinary needs. This November, our staff has been busy caring for a rescued cat and her litter of five kittens. (You’ll definitely want to check out our Facebook page to read their story and see updates as they grow!)

As Thanksgiving day approaches, we offer you our top five tips for a pet-friendly holiday:

1). Check the chip! Be sure to update information on your pet’s tags and microchip to ensure their safe return, should they slip out of the house.
2). Create a safe space – new smells, decorations, and visitors can put stress on your pet. Create a quiet, cozy space for your pet to retreat to if they are feeling overwhelmed. Consider giving a new toy or treat to keep furry friends occupied during festivities.
3). Travel arrangements – don’t wait until the last minute! If you are traveling for the holidays, be sure to prepare your pet, whether they will be staying home with a sitter or at a facility. Some boarding facilities require certain vaccines – make sure your pet is up to date with requirements. Give us a call for recommendations on our favorite boarding facilities or pet-sitters. If your pet will be traveling with you, a check-up with your Veterinarian ahead of time is always a good idea.
4). Safe snacks – we all know how tempting it is to share the Thanksgiving feast with your furry friend. After all, they’re part of the family! Skinless, boneless white meat is easy to digest for most pets. Plain mashed or sweet potatoes, as well as green beans and peas given in moderation can be a great snack for your pet.
5). Unsafe snacks – be sure to AVOID sharing these with your pet: Turkey skin, bones, gravy, onions & garlic, and sweets.