Hurricane Harvey Relief Bake Sale

We have all been hearing about the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey. The storm made landfall on three separate occasions and has dumped a record breaking 51 inches of water in under 5 days. The storm is over but the real work is only beginning. More than 30,000 homes have been destroyed by the flood waters, with 32,000 people displaced into shelters. The devastation goes beyond human lives though.  Many of these people had pets that they were unable to evacuate with them. The lucky ones have already found their way to shelters, but many more are still stuck in homes or on the streets. Rescue efforts are underway and the shelters which are already overflowing are in desperate need of supplies. All September we will be selling homemade baked treats for your pets, with 100% of proceeds going towards the animal rescue efforts in Texas.  We have delicious flavors such as apple-cheddar and pumpkin spice, to celebrate the coming fall! Stop in anytime and help support a great cause!