Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  I remember growing up getting to help my mom with dinner, setting the table with her fine china and crystal glasses, and watching as my grandma always seemed to choose that olive that we kids had secretly stuffed with a kernel of corn to be the first thing she ate.  Once I was in college I would always return home with my backpack stuffed to the brim, never being opened or leaving its place in the corner while I spent Thanksgiving catching up with my family and enjoying our time together.  When John and I were first married we lived outside of Chicago.  We were never able to come home for Thanksgiving because of my having to work the Friday after every year.  We were able to start our own tradition as a family, blending our versions of the perfect Thanksgiving dinner (although I have never managed to make stuffing the way his mom did), and spending Thanksgiving with our small family and our friends who had also found themselves displaced for the holiday.  In the 14 years we have been back in Michigan we have been able to again enhance our gala by adding to our family, as well as by celebrating with those that we started out with, many years before.

Oakland Hills Veterinary Hospital is what it is because of the efforts and support of many important groups that I am thankful for.  This list includes…

My family for showing their unending support and understanding.  My husband, kids, dad, mother-in-law, siblings, in-laws, nieces and nephews have been tirelessly committed to being helpful, understanding, and loving.

My friends for their assiduous encouragement.  Throughout this process I have been consistently humbled by the outpouring of support, advice, help and friendship that has been granted to me.

My colleagues for their mentorship and endorsement.  I am truly enjoying the camaraderie afforded to me by my fellow veterinarians.  We are a small, but wonderful group of professionals that I am proud to be part of.

My clients for their dedication, commitment, and love for their animals.  I have been so fortunate to get to know these wonderful people and their families, and have been afforded an exclusive view of the magnificence of the human-animal bond.

My employees for their dedication, commitment, wisdom, patience, humor and technical excellence.  I couldn’t do it without them!

My patients for their stoicism, strength, tolerance, and trust.  I am blessed with the ability to help the most wonderful animals in the world.


May you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving!